What Kind Of Mum Are You? Take The Quiz!

For a bit of fun, take this quiz and see if the results are the kind of Mum you thought you would be or the kind of Mum you have turned out to be!! For more Imperfect Parenting check out www.northamptonshiremumsandkids.co.ukPlease note, this post may contain affiliate links. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, it will help keep this site up and running!

Growing up we all have plans of what kind of Mum we are going to be, or perhaps we don’t even plan to ever be a Mum! Once we have our little cherubs, the reality however, can be very different to what we thought!

For a bit of fun, take this quiz and see if the results are the kind of Mum you thought you would be or the kind of Mum you have turned out to be!!

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What Kind Of Mum Are You?

Jot down your answer to each question to tally up your results at the end.

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Which of the following drinks would you prefer to enjoy, from an endless tap, of an evening?

a – A few beers, you deserve it after the day you’ve had!

b – Several Juice Boxes, well if they’re good enough for the kids!

c – Cups of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, you’re a bit out of practice with alcohol!

d – The finest champagne and cocktails. Its all you used to drink back in the day!


What type of entries is your calendar or diary usually filled with?

a – Kids parties, kids sporting meets, kids activities! Wait There’s a pattern here?

b – Mostly the kid’s stuff, but also a whole load of meet up’s with ‘Mum Friends’.

c – The usual kid’s stuff, but a few anniversary dates, such as ‘the anniversary of your eldest’s first words.’

d – Kids stuff, and a few ‘highbrow’ events you know you won’t go to.


If the following four options were your only choice, which of the following tattoos would you choose to have?

a – Your Curriculum Vitae across your back. Never forget.

b – A Disney Princess, on your forearm. Because that other Mum at school has that cool looking Pocahontas tat on her arm.

c – Your kid’s birthdates on your chest, so they are always close to your heart.

d – A full sleeve incorporating dates, milestones and pictures your kids have done. They are, after all, what defines you.


Which of these celebrity Mum’s do you think (or wish) you were most like?

a – Gwyneth Paltrow, the total Mum, making her kids unique, individual and extremely healthy.

b – Angelina Jolie, always putting the kids first, no matter what the cost.

c – Kate Moss, Mum by day, party animal by night.

d – Adele, the singer Mum who put her career on hold for kids.


In the hustle and bustle of the morning, which of these would you prioritise?

a – Let the kids get themselves ready, make sure you’ve got your purse as its ‘coffee morning’, with the school Mum’s straight after drop-off!

b – Sort out tonight’s dinner. You already sorted everything for this morning last night.

c – Make yourself totally presentable. Just because your coming straight home after drop, it doesn’t mean you should look like a drop-out.

d – Getting everything in order for the kids, washed, dressed, lunches packed. We CANNOT be late for school.


And finally, heaven forbid, your house is on fire! All your family and pets are safe, and you have time to retrieve one item. Which of the following would you go for first?

a – Your Laptop, it contains everything you need for the future outside of childcare.

b – All of your children’s documents, key photos and keepsake’s. Or at least the file box you have them all arranged in.

c – As many photos as you can carry, they are the key to happy memories.

d – Your mobile phone, you’d be lost without it.


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Answer Scoring.

Take a note of which sentence you answered for each question and award yourself the corresponding points for each individual answer.

A= 3 points, B= 5 points, C= 4 points, D =2 points.

A= 4 points, B= 3 points, C= 2 points, D =5 points.

A= 2 points, B= 3 points, C= 4 points, D= 5 points.

A= 5 points, B= 4 points, C= 3 points, D= 2 points.

A= 3 points, B= 5 points, C= 2 points, D= 4 points.

A= 2 points, B= 5 points, C= 4 points, D= 3 points.

Add your points tally together, and your score will determine what type of Mum you really are:

12-15 points: The ‘WTF happened to my Life Mum’

You were perhaps a dynamic careers person in your 20’s, your job was your life. But suddenly you find yourself with a hand full of kids and a life mostly at home. You may look forward to the time when you can return to kicking some ass at work, though you may not even be sure how you got here in the first place?!

16-19 points: The ‘Drop the Kids at School Mum’

You have everything set up for being a Mum, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you think its fun all the time. You have lots of ‘Mummy Friends’ at school and are continually planning your next big night on the town.

20-24 points: The ‘Can’t get enough of my kids Mum’

You are dedicated to bringing up your children and make sacrifices for them continuously. Your social life has become none existent and you ideal downtime is Netflix and Chill, usually without the ‘Chill!’

25-30 points: The ‘I was made for this Mum’

You are like a machine, a mothering terminator. You can home school and have everything completely organized…always…OR ELSE!


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