The Funny Things Mums Have Learnt From Lockdown

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There is no doubt that we are all going to come out of lockdown having learnt a few things about ourselves, our kids, our lifestyle etc. Some of these may possibly lead to new changes in our lives going forward however some are just pretty funny. I have learnt that:

  • Wine O’clock is way too late in the day
  • That I now encourage my kids to have screen time rather than encourage them off it
  • It turns out that there are actually enough hours in the day to do housework but in fact, I just don’t want to do it.

This got me wondering what other Mums have learnt from lockdown and if they are also having these mind-blowing revelations. I asked around a few Mums and here is what they said.

The funny things Mums have learnt from lockdown…

Jenny said that she has decided that eating dinner in your pyjamas is totally acceptable.


“I’ve learnt that my legs do work and that I don’t need to be driving everywhere. I’ve really enjoyed walking with the kids during lockdown and have found so many places to explore right on my doorstep.” – Caryl Ann

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Beth reckons that a trip to the supermarket is the equivalent of a big night out and takes the same amount of planning/time to leave the house. Savour every moment of leaving the same 4 walls!


Emma has discovered that her house is a lot smaller than she previously thought! She also warns, “Do not, I repeat do not promise to do something fun with the kids while under the influence of an afternoon gin unless you’re 100% committed to it”

We are all learning a lot from lockdown, some serious and some perhaps not. Here are some funny things Mums have learnt from lockdown.


One from a Dad – Steve has found that his son has far more energy and is much fitter than he is ok!


Hayley thinks that her kids’ teachers deserve way better!


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Amy Louise has declared that chocolate is an absolutely necessary food group. (And I totally agree!)


There is no longer am and pm, for Karina it’s just coffee time and gin time.


Lisa has found that the laundry basket still doesn’t have a bottom!


Yvette has discovered that she doesn’t need perfect makeup before a zoom meeting.


The wine gets poured earlier and earlier each day for Helen, and with three under four – that’s absolutely fine. If not compulsory!


That I don’t actually need as many clothes as I have. For Catherine, T-shirts and leggings are a more-than-acceptable mum uniform for every day of the week!

Becci has found that she actually enjoys running every day…. far, far away from my husband & 2 kids!


That the time is irrelevant. Raimy says you don’t need 24 hours. You just need ‘breakfast time’ ‘lunchtime’ ‘tea time’ and the all-important ‘bedtime’!


Jade has learnt that locking yourself in the bathroom for some peace in the shower is not always a good idea. That you really can break down doors with Karate. And that a Malibu can fix practically everything.

We are all learning a lot from lockdown, some serious and some perhaps not. Here are some funny things Mums have learnt from lockdown.


Chantelle says that her general knowledge is pretty poor and she will never be a quiz master.


Nicole has leant what her natural hair colour looks like. LOTS of gray.


I’ve learnt that my children are conditioned from asking to go to the toilet at school. Every five minutes Sarah hears ‘Mum, can I go to the toilet?’


That no matter how much Leyla feeds her kids, they are never full…


What are some things you have learnt from lockdown? Comment below and let us know!



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