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So I wanted to tell you a bit more about me – who I am and why I’m here writing this blog.

My story begins…

It all started way back in 2015. Money was tight, we already had both our boys and I was a Stay At Home Mum. Growing up it was always in my plan to stay at home with my kids and at that time in our life it wasn’t an option anyway. It simply would have cost more to put the boys in daycare than I would have got paid each week. I have a few friends who pretty much break even with their pay after child care costs and are happy with that as getting out of the house and/ or staying in the work force is important for them and that’s cool but not for me.

Anyway, I wanted to find a way to make money while staying at home with the boys. One night, while scrolling mindlessly through Facebook, I came across a More About Mepost of someone else looking for advice on pretty much that same thing – how to make money from home. I always approach this topic with caution as there can be so much spamming and scamming surrounding it but one reply got my attention. It someone explaining that they had recently started with a company that was in the process of re-launching itself and it’s structure was built on the Customers also being the sellers of the products. Now you have most probably heard of companies like Younique, Avon or Tupperware and yes, it’s similar to that except that if you work it right kinda don’t have to do all those parties.

What attracted me the most to this company, Modere, was that there products and ethics were based on Low Chemical/ Low Tox living. This was something I was interested in as both my youngest son and I both suffered from Eczema and I was becoming increasingly aware of all the nasty chemicals that were in products targeted at babies and children. This then seemed like the perfect fit for me so I signed up straight away and have never looked back since!

Signing up to Modere is what lead to my first blog, Living Clean Now. Creating the site gave me the perfect opportunity to share the products I was loving as well as the new knowledge I was gaining about harmful chemicals and toxins. I spent the next 12-18 months growing my blog but after a while started to question if that was really what I wanted to write about every day. To be honest, it was getting kind of boring and I felt I was getting in a little over my head. While it was all still important to me and my boys it wasn’t something I was ever going to be an expert on and I felt that to take my blog further an expert was what I needed to be.

So this made me think…

If I love blogging but not the subject I’m blogging about then what subject would I love to blog about? What do I know about? What am I happy to talk about every day? Remember at the beginning I said that all I ever wanted was to be a SAHM? Well all my questions kept coming back to just that. That’s what I do every day, that’s what I know the most about and that is what I truly love.

So here I am.

I am never going to claim to be an expert at Parenting and I certainly don’t get it right some a lot of the time but I do my best and that is the best that I can do. I hope to just create an online environment for Mums to come to and not feel like they are not doing things right or well enough. Also, to share ideas and maybe learn a trick or two or share something that has helped them.

Can’t wait to get to know you all,


Bec x


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