2-in-1 LeapTop Touch Laptop Review

There are a couple of reason why I love the 2- in -1 LeapTop Touch Laptop. It has a wide age range, is educational, versatile and perfect for travelling!Please note, this post may contain affiliate links. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, it will help keep this site up and running!

The LeapTop Touch Laptop was provided to me for free however all thoughts and opinions are my own (and my kids!) 

This month my eldest two were lucky to receive a 2- in -1 LeapTop Touch Laptop to trial and review. There was much excitement as they opened the box of the “Laptop like Mummy’s”!

I had been particularly keen to trial this for two reasons. The first is that my eldest is really into his Technology. It is such a huge part of all our Children’s lives and can’t or shouldn’t be avoided. However, it is the way the technology is used that as parents, we have to be conscious of. Isaiah, my 5-year-old will happily sit on the computer watching YouTube all day and Flinn, my 3-year-old will happily sit in front of the TV with Paw Patrol and Blaze on repeat! Therefore when I saw this laptop I thought it might be a great way to get them away from their mind-numbing choices and onto something a bit more interactive and educational.

There are a couple of reason why I love the 2- in -1 LeapTop Touch Laptop. It has a wide age range, is educational, versatile and perfect for travelling!

The second reason was simply because of how much the boys loved their other Tablet style toy: the Mr Pencil’s Scribble & Write

Once you turn on the LeapTop Touch Laptop you are given the option of 5 learning modes including ABC’s, numbers, games, music and messages. Each learning mode is guided by the cute dogs Scout and Violet and depending on what mode your child chooses they will either need to press the buttons or use the touch screen.

The LeapTop Touch Laptop is marketed to children aged 2 – 5 years. I think that 2 year old’s will enjoy the music and sounds but it will definitely be more beneficial to Children that are at the age of learning letters and numbers. Flinn says he favourite part is the songs and both the boys have been singing the ABC song as they go about their day! Hudson, my 6-month-old couldn’t resist having a little go too!

Another great feature of the LeapTop Touch Laptop is that it boasts a swivel screen that essentially changes it into a tablet. This means it is great for taking out and about and keeping the kids entertained in the car.

Does it have any downsides? It’s definitely one of those toys that features songs that get stuck in your head, so get prepared to find yourself singing them as your cooking the dinner! Plus, I don’t know about your kids but mine NEVER turn the power off when they are finished so I’m constantly having to turn it off for them. That said, I think it’s a small price to pay for getting them off the TV and YouTube and onto something more educational that they can even play together.

The LeapTop Touch Laptop is available now from John Lewis.


Does your child have a LeapTop Touch Laptop? What is their favourite feature? Let’s us know in the comments below!



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