Bill’s Restaurant Rushden Lakes Review

Last Friday the Hubby and I were lucky enough to be able to enjoy a date night at Bill’s at Rushden Lakes. It’s a restaurant…

How My Kids Benefit From Time Apart From Me

Let me start by saying I love my children and I love spending time with them. But do you know what – I also love spending time away from them. Not so much for me, it is not so that I can go and get my nails done or so I can drink a coffee whilst it is still hot (oh how I miss hot coffee) but it is more for them.

Recommended Books

What Is Poo?
My Reading Library Fables
Fox On A Box
Noisy Bottoms
Just Like Jasper
Little Board Books Collection
Horrid Henry
Oi Duck Billed Platypus!
Flat Stanley Book
Dear Zoo
George’s Marvellous Medicine
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Starting To Write (Wipe Clean)
Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs
Oi Frog!
Phonics Readers
Super Bug Encyclopedia
My First Reading Library
Lift The Flap Biology
Dinosaur Munch!
The Gruffalo
Unicorns Puzzle Pad
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
That’s Not My Narwhal…
Zoo Magic Painting Book
My Reading Library Classics
Lift and Look Jungle
You Choose
Sam’s Sandwhich

Things to Do In Newcastle Without the Kids

Newcastle upon Tyne is a vibrant city on the River Tyne in the northeast of England. Widely regarded at the region’s capital, you’ll find plenty to do if you’re planning a day without the kids. From shopping and wine tasting to hiking or opera, try these adult-only suggestions for an unforgettable break.

The Importance of Mummy Time.

“Mummy Time” – these two words might seem very strange together. Usually, if these words are used together there will be an extra word at the start, that word being “NO’’, No Mummy time. The life you once had, the time you had to read that book or sit in the sun, the sleep-ins, the one load of washing a week! This little human comes into your life and your life will never be the same again. 

41 Me Time Ideas For Mum’s That Need A Break.

In all the parenting advice that is thrown at us every day online and in print I find there is a huge lack of information…


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