I have put together this temporary “Lockdown” category to help any local (and not so local) Mums survive this crazy time.

I am adding new posts as often as I can but I have also included some older posts that I think might help too.

Chocolate Emoji Maker Review

Essentially, what you make is a chocolate bar in the shape of an Emoji. The chocolate is 100% Belgian chocolate, has no artificial colours, is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Included in the Chocolate Emoji Maker pack was the chocolate sachets – white, milk and dark, the emoji stencils, instructions and 2 plastic dishes. On top of this, you need a large bowl, scissors and a fridge!

What Books Do Kids Love Right Now?

How many books do your kids have? Mine have loads, most of which never get looked at. They each seem to have their one or…

Recommended Board Games

Harry Potter Cluedo
Snakes & Ladders
Exploding Kittens Card Game
Skip Bo
Mario Kart Monopoly
Hoot Owl Hoot
Star Wars Monopoly
Football Game
Going Underground
Junior Monopoly
Super Mario Monopoly
The Game Of Life
My First Scrabble

Educational Activities for Toddlers That Don’t Require Prep Work

Toddlers learn in more ways than we know. They gain knowledge about the world around them through everything they touch, move, break or even put in their mouth. As parents, it’s essential that we allow them to explore and play since that’s how they learn best. So, if you’re in search of educational activities for toddlers which don’t require you to make any special preparations, other than giving your little ones enough time and space, you should probably rely on types of play which can develop their motor skills, creativity and intelligence. Here are some ideas.

Wicked Uncle – Making toy buying simpler.

This month I was given the opportunity to grab the boys a couple of new toys off Wicked Uncle.com in exchange for my honest opinions…

The Best Books On Child Behaviour Management

In the lead up to Flinn starting school this month I bought him a couple of children’s books that help with the fear and uncertainty of starting school as well as behaviour in general. I have always questioned if or how these kinds of books help but after a particularly bad tantrum one day thought they were definitely worth giving a go.

GeoSafari Kidnoculars Review

Please note, these toys were gifted, however all thoughts and opinions are mine and my kids! What Are GeoSafari Kidnoculars And Their Features? The boys…

37 Helpful And Awesome Hacks With Modere Mouthwash

I have to admit I never thought there were other things to do with Mouthwash other than to use it as an actual mouthwash. However, it turns out that if you can get your hands on this one from Modere

5 Amazing Cookbooks With Meals Your Child Will Actually Eat & Love

They are so many Baby and Toddler cookbooks on the market today. It’s hard to choose which is the best to get. It’s so disappointing when you spend money on a book, only to have your little one refuse to eat anything


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