5 Toys My Boys are Loving Right Now

5 Toys My Boys Are Loving Right Now. Imperfect Mummy - The place to find only realistic parenting information.Please note, this post may contain affiliate links. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, it will help keep this site up and running!
5 Toys My Boys Are Loving Right Now
Please note this post may contain Affiliate links. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, it will help keep this site up and running!

If you have read my previous post about Why My Boys Won’t Be Receiving New Toys This Year, you will know that I prefer for my boys to play with toys that let them be creative, are physical or educational (Don’t get me wrong, they have their time on the tablet or PlayStation too!)

Like all kids, my boys have toys that they keep going back to. Flinn loves his cars and Isaiah his superheroes but there are a couple of new ones that are making a regular appearance that I thought I would share.

Here are 5 Toys My Boys are Loving Right Now.

Count Along Register

This was my ideal kind of toy when I was little. It’s a register and comes with a selection of grocery goods, some coins and a credit/ rewards card. It is everything your child needs to play “shop”. Whats better is that once you have scanned your goods (with great sound effects!) it tells you how many coins it will cost and you have to put in the correct amount of coins. What a great way to learn numbers and counting!

5 Toys My Boys Are Loving Right Now

Mr Pencil’s Scribble & Write

Aimed at 3+ years this is awesome for helping littlies to learn numbers and letters. It has 6 different activities that include tracing letters or numbers, drawing and spelling for older children. I love that the boys can just pick this up and have a go without having to sit down and really concentrate.

5 Toys My Boys Are Loving Right Now

Sherlock Hide and Seek Puppy.

This is adorable! The aim of the game is to get your detective skills in gear and find Sherlock! Great as a two player game, one person needs to hide Sherlock and the other has to find him with the help of the remote. The trickiest part of this game however is trying to teach my 3 year old not to tell his older brother where he has hid him!

5 Toys My Boys Are Loving Right Now

Stretch Armstrong

Who else remembers this guy from their younger years, I know I do. It was one of those toys I never had but wanted! Another toy that is perfect for 2  kiddies, you simply pull or stretch this guy as much as you can and then watch him instantly shrink back into shape. A great toy for a bit of stress relieving perhaps?!

5 Toys My Boys Are Loving Right Now

Pretend and Learn Doctor’s Kit

Flinn, my 3-year-old got this as a Christmas gift this year and loves it. Over the last few months as soon as anyone has hurt themself Flinn has been right there with an ice pack. This toy really helps any wannabe Dr play the part. In the interactive Dr’s Medical bag you get all the basic Dr tools needed to fix any Doll, Friend or Siblings sores!

5 Toys My Boys Are Loving Right Now


Has your child got a favourite toy they keep going back to? Share below!



  1. dierdre wilkinson
    June 22, 2018 / 4:36 am

    I like this Mr Pencil’s Scribble & Write might have to get one for my 3 year old granddaughter.
    love Sherlock he’s so cute

    • ImperfectMummy
      June 24, 2018 / 8:40 pm

      Yes the Scribble & write is great for 3 year old’s and Sherlock is adorable 🙂 x

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